1070 aluminum plate

  • Alloy:1070
  • Temper:O H14 H24 H18 H22 H32 etc
  • MOQ: 3Tons
  • Package:Pallet
  • Port:Qingdao Tianjin
  • Application:Household appliances, electrical appliances, chemical storage tank.


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1070 aluminum plate description:

1070 aluminum alloy belongs to industrial pure aluminum, advantages of this material is as follows: workability, corrosion resistance, good weld ability, but with lower strength. It’s suitable for the usages of construction materials, household appliances, daily necessities, electrical appliances etc.. Because of its good corrosion resistance, after anodic oxidation treatment , the gloss of the surface will improve, it can be used in the food industry, chemical storage tank, and reflective plate. In addition, the product also has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity.

The specification of 1070 aluminum plate:

Thickness:6 mm -600mm
Width:30 mm-2600 mm
Length: as customer required
Temper: O temper,H12,H14 H16,H18,H19

1070 aluminum plate advantage:

1. Workability
2. Good corrosion resistance
Excellent weld ability

1070 aluminum plate application:

Construction materials, Household appliances, electrical appliances, chemical storage tank.