Poly Surlyn Laminated Aluminum Coil

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Product Name:
Poly Surlyn Laminated Aluminum Coil
Product Details:
Technique:Cold Rolled Hot Rolled

Product Features:
1.Zinc aluminum coated alloy
2.Good weld-ability
3.No paint required

Why Poly Surlyn:
Simple, low cost, and effective resistance to metal jacket and pipe corrosion.
Provides a barrier to crevice or pitting corrosion on the inner jacket surface in cold and hot pipe/tank applications. Provides a barrier to galvanic corrosion of jacket or pipe in hot applications.
Metal jacketing and water don\'t mix:
When water is present and touching the metal jacket, corrosion can and does occur. This can happen in all applications (hot, cold, rooftop, industrial, commericial, etc.) and with all insulation types.
Polysurlyn is manufactured from 3 layers of film:
1 mil high-density polyethylene, 1 mil Surlyn, and 1 mil low-density polyethylene, with each layer carefully selected to yieldoptimum performance. This multilayer film is laminated to the interior side of STIPL\'s aluminium and stainless steel jacketing using precise pressure and heat. Use of 3 mil thick three layer Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier, (PSMB) film avoids the pinholes prevent in standard 1 mil single layer Polykraft.
Polysurlyn Superiority:
In 2005, after careful analysis, STIPL changed from Polykraft to PSMB due to the superior performance and water resistance of the multilayer Polysurlyn film.
Polysurlyn advantages:
Minimal water absorption compared to kraft paper
Will not deteriorate, discolor or shred when exposed to water
Provides abrasion resistance during intallation
Long term durability and resistance to a wide range of environmental contaminants
Metal jacketing with PSMB has an ASTM E8 fame/smoke performance
Aluminium jacketing with PSMB complies with ASTM C1729, Class A
We are one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of Poly Surlyn Aluminum Coil The offered Poly Surlyn are cylindrical rolls of aluminium laminated with poly surlyn. Our supplied Poly Surlyn are very large in length, to facilitate the cutting based on client specified dimensions. Our supplied Poly Surlyn are widely used in power plants, petro chemical refinery and cement industries.