brushed aluminum sheet

brushed aluminum sheet

Brushed aluminum plates have also become used widely in our daily lives, such as our common electronic products and digital products. Today we will learn sonething about the process of brushed aluminum sheet. The aluminum sheet usually refers to aluminum products made of aluminum alloy or aluminum material, and the brushed aluminum sheet is based on its processing technology. The process of drawing aluminum sheet requires a series of processes such as heating, rolling, straightening, solution aging heat, and sand milling of flat aluminum blanks.

The main processes of our common brushed aluminum sheet are degreasing, sanding, and water washing. In the process of drawing aluminum sheet material, sandpaper needs to be repeatedly rubbed to form a clear wire drawing pattern on the surface to achieve the metal wire drawing effect. However, this does not meet the consumer and environmental requirements of the majority of users. Special processing is required according to customer requirements, such as anodizing. This will form a protective layer containing special metal components on the surface of the brushed aluminum plate, which can play a very important role. It has good anti-corrosion and dust-proof effect.

The processing process of anodized wire drawing aluminum plate needs to go through an electrolytic oxidation process. First, the wire drawing aluminum plate is put into the electrolytic liquid as the anode, and then the aluminum plate is electrolytically oxidized by electric current under specific conditions. After electrolysis, the surface of the wire drawing aluminum plate is electrolytically oxidized. A special oxidation protection layer will be formed. 

Oxidized brushed aluminum panels are widely used in lighting reflectors and lamp decorations, solar heat collection and reflective materials, interior architectural decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliances panels, electronic product shells, furniture and kitchens, automotive interior and exterior decoration, signs, logos, luggage, jewelry Boxes and other fields. 

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