Embossed aluminum plate

Embossed aluminum plate

Embossed aluminum plate 

Embossed aluminum plate can also be called aluminum embossed plate or patterned aluminum plate. It is an aluminum product that forms various patterns on the surface after calendering on the basis of aluminum plate. The main products of patterned aluminum sheet are 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series, 6xxx series aluminum alloy plates. Sigma Aluminum can produce a bar (also called pointer-shaped or gem pattern plate). ), two bars, three bars, five bars checkered plates, etc. Embossed aluminum plates are widely used in non-slip flooring, decoration and decoration fields such as construction, vehicles, ships, etc. The excellent product quality makes patterned aluminum plates very popular in the domestic and foreign markets. 

The embossed aluminum plate produced by Henan Sigma has good anti-skid effect. The introduction of advanced grinder equipment ensures that the work that rolls on the rolling mill can be regularly and meticulously ground, so that the rolling equipment can operate accurately and the surface quality of the product can be improved. The finished product is lighter in weight and has excellent durability. The mass per square meter is about 7kg, the tensile strength is 200N per square millimeter, the aluminum plate has high elongation, and the relative elongation is higher than 10%. It can withstand high bending without breaking, and has good toughness. Embossed aluminum plate has anti-slip effect and is widely used. The typical usage is non-slip base plate, non-slip step ladder, or it is used in packaging, construction, curtain walls, etc.

The performance advantages of the embossed aluminum sheet:
A: The surface of the product has high gloss and no visible defects.
B: The fast quenching line greatly shortens the production cycle while ensuring product quality, and improves the processing performance of patterned aluminum plates.
C: High strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and good weldability.
D: Good formability, easy to process, non-slip and moisture-proof.

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